FbR is a collective that focuses on the most cutting edge baseball analysis. Our main interests, and a disproportionate share of our daily lives, lie with fantasy baseball, however the breadth of this blog is intended to span all manner of baseball hobbies and interests.

The site founder and creator, Nick, along with writers Dave and Gary, all went to high school together in upstate New York and are avid Yankee fans.

Nick’s passion for baseball analysis grew in his mid adolescence when, after an accident rendered him incapable of continuing plow work on the family farm, he found himself in need of a new hobby. Nick quickly took to the quantifiable nature of baseball analysis, spending hours upon hours in his room immersed in spreadsheets involving a variety of baseball minutiae. As Nick had previously loved the satisfaction of methodically tilling the soil in hopes of a strong spring harvest, he now loved constructing formulas and sorting through data tables in anticipation of a fall fantasy baseball championship.

Dave, always a shy and socially aloof teen, found the predictability inherent in baseball as a satisfying shield from the harsh and volatile nature of the outside world. Additionally, since Dave was a poor student, he took solace in the fact that he could “know” things about baseball that he couldn’t retain from his textbooks. When put on the spot in class with a question he surely didn’t know the answer to, Dave would always answer with an abrupt “CAL RIPKEN”, at which point the teacher and class would laugh at his Rainman-esque response. Despite these embedded learning difficulties, Dave’s fantasy baseball instincts have proved unparalleled over the years, and everyone could learn a lot from his pearls of wisdom.

Gary, despite being the most intelligent of the three FbR contributors, is prone to unchecked homerism that clouds his ability to make astute baseball observations. For example, in our inaugural fantasy baseball season, Gary took Mariano Rivera with the sixth overall pick in the draft. When asked why he didn’t take Manny Ramirez, the obvious go-to at number six, Gary responded, “I ain’t gonna draft no dang Red Sox player on ma team.” For some reason Gary only talks like an unadulterated redneck when defending the Yankees against the Red Sox. Otherwise he is an erudite man about town and a closet Mensa member.